Tuesday, December 30, 2008

this 'n that

Christmas has officially taken its leave from our house.

Actually, it was gone by the 26th when I hauled the tree down to the basement. That's how I roll...once the day's over, I like to quickly clear out the evidence.

Here are some random shots from Christmas '08.

Logan put out reindeer food on Christmas Eve. After about two tosses of the oats and glitter, he ran for the house. I don't blame him; it was cold out there.

Here he is with this year's haul.

Todd had great fun putting together this toy garage. He was brandishing a screwdriver and spewing profanity when I went to bed.

We went to cousin Carie's house on Christmas day. Here's Dad with Mr. Nibbles, the resident bird.
Nibbles has got to be the sweetest avian specimen I've ever met. I think he should come live at my house. Maybe Carie would like to trade Nibbles for the beautiful and charming Bud Bird.

Todd and Chino are craning their necks to catch some sort of educational programing on TV. I think it was a monster truck rally.

Here's what Santa brought me. It's sort of like a compadre for my regular sewing machine and means I don't have to zig-zag my seams to finish them.

After staring at the box for several days, I finally learned how to use it and made Mom these pajamas for her upcoming birthday. But I don't think they'll fit her so I might have to keep them for myself. Darn.


Wendy said...

Great pics!! I wish I could sew. I'm not sure I have the coordination and patience at this point in my life ;)

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giggleblue said...

ah, you got a serger! i used to have a bird like mr. nibbles. his/her name was silky. we never knew the sex...

Rachel said...

Mr. Nibbles is adorable. I miss my birds, but not the mess they made. And my cats aren't likely to allow a bird to live in this house...
I think I made like 30 pairs of boxer shorts in high school, I 'feminized' them by sewing the fly shut and putting eyelet around the legs. And I wore them everyhere and thought I was cool. My daughter would just die if she knew. That was the extent of my sewing career, alas.

Carie said...

Dear Lisa,
I will be searching your purse anytime you visit my house. Since the tail-pulling-out incident, Mr. Nibbles has become MY bird, and you can't have him! As for a trade...forget.it. (Did I use the periods correctly?)
P.S. Love the garage. Where can I get one for Juan?


~Chris~ said...

Love the Pics.. Those PJ's are great... The Cupcakes are perfect.. Can I give you my size??? My Birthday just passed :) Love your creativity and talents.

Brooks said...

oh! a serger, thats like gold for a seamstress! PJ's are great! Looks liek Logan enjoyed his Christmas!