Thursday, May 29, 2008

Countdown to Disney World

Logan insisted this temporary tatoo should go on his belly.
Guess he wants to be able to cover it up if he goes on a
job interview.

We're going to Disney World in a few days - 11 to be exact. I have to give Logan a countdown every day because he wants to leave so bad each morning when he wakes up.

"Mickey's waiting," he says.

A couple of nights ago, he brought a suitcase up from the basement and packed it full of his monster trucks, some books and a little bit of loose change.

"I'm taking some money for Mickey," he said.

Mickey's already gotten enough of our money, I replied.

He then insisted that Todd needed to haul the suitcase out to the van. It's been out there ever since.

Bud's sick of being called a "he"

"Man, not this stupid pet taxi again."
I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the vet said Bud looked more like a girl than a boy. The only way to tell for sure was through an expensive blood test. I declined it...I'm a Donaghue, after all.

Anyway, Bud's obviously sick of us being so insensitive. On Sunday, the 18-year-old cronie layed an egg for the first time in her life.

Unfortunately, the vet tells me that conures don't just lay one and to expect the second one within about 48 hours. We've exceeded that time limit and Bud obviously has another one on deck (the advantage of having a bald bird is that the protruding belly is pretty obvious). So we're off to another expensive vet appointment for an egg induction.

Poor old gal...she's had to resort to this to get her point across.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A new driver on the streets

Logan got his car yesterday that Granma ordered him. It was a big hit. He drove it until well past bedtime last night and was ready to roll again at 6:30 a.m. today. His car goes pretty fast; I tried to jog along with it (what a joke) last night and had trouble keeping up. Of course, that probably has just as much to do with my limited amount of athletic ability as it does the speed of the vehicle.

Bird news of the day

So I took the Bud Bird to the vet yesterday for a checkup. After he tried to bite the vet a few times, she finally got him restrained and looked him over. "What makes you certain he's a boy?" she asked. I replied it was just what I had always been told.

Although it's impossible to be sure without a blood test, she said she's convinced Bud is a girl. He's 18 years old and we've always called him a "he." wonder he plucks out his feathers.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big day for Logan

Today's a big day for Logan. After school, we're going to the Chesterfield Walmart to pick up his red power wheels car that is his reward for potty training. He's lucky to have a granma who loves him very much and ordered it for him.

Here's a picture of him in his "sneaker car." Sneaker car stays in the house so it doesn't track in dirt. Yes, that's his driver's license taped to the front. He has several things taped to this car; I think he inherits that gene from his Papa Baker who had a knack for personalizing his vehicles.

I have a feeling that after he gets the new one, sneaker car will be taking a trip to the basement.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Auto Fest

Yesterday, we took Logan to Auto Fest in Warrenton. It was $10 per person to get in, an abomination to my cheapskate Donaghue nature. Fortunately, I had free tickets because I was going for the paper; otherwise, there's no way I would have parted with $30 for the three of us to attend.

They had all kinds of moon walks, which I'm told are now referred to as "inflatables." Logan's a sucker for a moon walk, so he had a great time.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope you had a great day. We went to church this morning, then took our family friend Dolores out to lunch. The rest of the afternoon has been spent hanging out with my kids...the two-legged one and four-legged ones.

Logan said he'd take a nap if I'd lay on the couch with him.

These two clowns never need convincing that it's naptime.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Making progress

I'm obsessed with rehabilitating this bird, and I think he's making progress. If you look at the photo, you can see some new down feathers on his wing along the line where his regular green feathers meet his pink, bald skin.

So far, I've switched his diet, added supplements to his food and water, and gotten him to eat several different types of fruit. We play with him so much that sometimes he snores at night when I cover his cage. I've even ordered him a CD of bird noises set to music (please don't tell my husband) that is supposed to keep him from getting lonely when he's home alone. And last night, he sat on my shoulder while I baked him some parrot bread.