Sunday, September 28, 2008

mama's costume, part uno

I'm laying odds that someday my ungrateful child will drop me off at a substandard nursing home without a backward glance.

And golly, do I love me some Halloween. Always have.

So I'm making the best of these two definitives by whipping myself up a costume so that I can actively accompany the boy this year when he trick-or-treats.

If I'm still feeling motivated once I've finished my outfit, I'll make one for Todd, too.

Logan will probably be delighted. But in 10 years when I whip out the pictures, that delight will be replaced by horror and mortification.

As a result, I'll be doing him a favor. He won't feel one bit guilty about taking advantage of the two-for-one special when he parks us at the Heaven Bound Nursing Facility.

This weekend, I finished the first piece of my costume. Can you guess what the finished product's going to be?

Heck, no, I'm not going to model them for you. Actually, I tried, but in the picture, it's hard to tell where the bloomers stop and my white, spindly legs begin.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

evening tomfoolery

Todd was bored last night and decided it was time for some family fun.

No, we didn't play a rousing game of charades or get out the Twister mat.

Instead, he pulled out a dishtowel and wound it up nice and tight. Then, he turned on the kitchen sink and got the tip of it wet.

He was then ready to wage war on the family. Logan got the first pop.

By the way, that wierd-looking plastic thing on the floor next to the toybox is where we put Bud Bird's cage during the day. Bud was asleep in the back room when this tomfoolery took place.

Otherwise, Todd would've popped him, too.

After Logan got a few licks, it was Augie's turn.
Logan tried to run for cover and got a few more.

Time for tug-of-war. Mind you, this is a kitchen towel that I regularly use.

Look at the agility Augie displays as he prepares to maim my towel.

Don't worry; it's in the washing machine now.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

new shirt for my main man

This shirt is hot off the sewing machine. Looks simple but it dealt me a fit. Apparently, knit stretches out of shape when you're not careful.

Don't ask me how I know, and definitely don't look in my trashcan. Otherwise, you're likely to see two other shirts that look eerily similar to this one.

By the way, please ignore the layer of funk on the futon; it's where Tilly sleeps.

And if you're coming to visit and plan to bunk up in our guest room, forget you read that.

Friday, September 19, 2008


We went to Apple Junction in Marthasville today where we picked apples, petted goats and played on a huge outdoor slide.

I swore that today I wouldn't sew at all and instead devote the full day to Logan. I've been a little negligent since getting the new sewing machine.

A couple of days ago, I sewed all day, only taking a break to give him lunch. At naptime, he put himself to bed.

When he woke up, he went back in the living room and continued with his day. In the guest room, I chugged along on the sewing machine.

I started feeling a little guilty when he eventually popped his head in the room and said "Mama, I like your machine," a thinly veiled plea for my attention.

So today, I kept the cover on the sewing machine - at least until naptime.

Friday, September 12, 2008

happy birthday to moi

Here's the latest addition to our family. I haven't named her yet. Something that rhymes with expensive would probably be fitting.

Even though I bought this with birthday money (thanks, Mom and Dad), I'm still guarding the receipt with my life.

Otherwise, Todd will demand I march it right back to the store so that we can use the money for something a little less frivolous.

Possibilities might include a boat, motorcycle, or maybe a lifetime subscription to Hustler.