Thursday, September 25, 2008

evening tomfoolery

Todd was bored last night and decided it was time for some family fun.

No, we didn't play a rousing game of charades or get out the Twister mat.

Instead, he pulled out a dishtowel and wound it up nice and tight. Then, he turned on the kitchen sink and got the tip of it wet.

He was then ready to wage war on the family. Logan got the first pop.

By the way, that wierd-looking plastic thing on the floor next to the toybox is where we put Bud Bird's cage during the day. Bud was asleep in the back room when this tomfoolery took place.

Otherwise, Todd would've popped him, too.

After Logan got a few licks, it was Augie's turn.
Logan tried to run for cover and got a few more.

Time for tug-of-war. Mind you, this is a kitchen towel that I regularly use.

Look at the agility Augie displays as he prepares to maim my towel.

Don't worry; it's in the washing machine now.

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~Chris~ said...

Ha that looks like fun.. So did the Dog win?