Friday, September 19, 2008


We went to Apple Junction in Marthasville today where we picked apples, petted goats and played on a huge outdoor slide.

I swore that today I wouldn't sew at all and instead devote the full day to Logan. I've been a little negligent since getting the new sewing machine.

A couple of days ago, I sewed all day, only taking a break to give him lunch. At naptime, he put himself to bed.

When he woke up, he went back in the living room and continued with his day. In the guest room, I chugged along on the sewing machine.

I started feeling a little guilty when he eventually popped his head in the room and said "Mama, I like your machine," a thinly veiled plea for my attention.

So today, I kept the cover on the sewing machine - at least until naptime.

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Carie said...

Yes, my computer is fixed. BUT my Olympus program is not downloading pictures from my camera for some reason. I hope to have that figured out soon.