Sunday, December 14, 2008

man, they hack me off

My family is on my last nerve today. I feel like just grabbing a belt and swinging at butts.

This morning while I was out, Logan brought up every toy he owns from the basement. He has a sizeable collection upstairs as well. All are now on display in a heap on the living room floor and in the hallway.

Then, hubby gave him my cell phone and taught him to call our home phone. He's done this no fewer than 25 times today. Once the answering machine picked up, he screamed every profane word he knew.

"Butt, wee-wee, poop, pee, toot," he shrieked.

Then, he dragged the newly reupholstered kitchen chair to the counter so he could stand on it in his filthy shoes, reach the answering machine and replay the barrel-in-the-mouth-invoking chorus over and over.

Hubby hasn't been bothered. That's because he's spent most of the day tucked comfortably into bed. That's a whole 'nother post. Grrr.

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Rachel said...

Eek, how frustrating! I have been after Ceara for days now to take some of her stuff up to her room(as opposed to the pile on the stair landing).
And for the past 2 days, Mr. Farty INSISTED that 6am is the time to get up in the morning.
I'm almost looking forward to going to work in the's a lot easier than being at home with the kids this weekend!