Tuesday, December 23, 2008

building a bear

I have a knack for acquiring items based purely on my exaggerated sentimental nature. Quite often, they're objects for which I have absolutely no use or need.

Such was the case with Grandpa's jacket. It's one of three jackets I ended up with after he died.

It's been hanging in the closet for a couple of years now. And around here, closet space is minimal.

So last night, I got out the scissors. Now, the jacket looks like this.

The brown material was the outside of the jacket and the plaid was the lining. The buttons were on the pocket.

The tag on the inside indicated that Grandpa liked to shop at Sears. I put it on the bear's behind.

I have another one of Grandpa's items, too. Any idea what I can turn this into? My husband would say scrap metal.


~Chris~ said...

WOW Girl that Bear looks sooo awesome. You are so talented.. I LOVE it... Not sure about the car. If it runs I would say sell it.. unless it has a very special meaning to you then I don't know. I used to watch Clean Sweep and they say to declutter take a Pic of Items that have a meaning to you but take up space. Get rid of the Item and scrap the Picture..
Happy Holidays and again.. Love the Bear!!!

Carie said...

WOW! Great lookin bear. What an excellent idea.

Wendy said...

That was a GREAT idea!! What a great way to still treasure something of your gpa's. I agree with the PP who mentioned taking the picture of the thing you want to remember in order to declutter. Merry Christmas :o)
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