Monday, December 15, 2008

sure, it might get a mite lonely around here...

...with hubby away this week on a business trip.

But there's one thing I won't miss.

Here's a chronological account of the first four days last week...





The sight of his dirty skivvies in the hallway burns my retinas every morning. I need to think up a clever solution. Maybe I'll hang them on the coach lights or from the mailbox. Or I'll wrap them up and give them to him for Christmas.


Rachel said...

I love both ideas...pick the one you think would embarass him more: having the neighbors see his skivvies, or having the family see him unwrap them on Christmas. Either way, you will (hopefully) make your point!

Carie said...

I would suggest moving the hamper to the spot where he drops his clothes, but from experience I know that won't work. If you do decide to try it would be wise to remove the lid (if any) because that just confuses a man. We need to train our sons now for their future wives.

Zhenya said...

Just do what I do-pretend you don't see it and vacuum it up. We have the same issue but my husband likes to place his items on the floor NEXT to the hamper.