Saturday, August 9, 2008

too tired to go to bed

I do this all the time...stay up late when I should be in bed. Tonight's one of those nights.

I'm too tired to get up from the couch, wash my face, then hit the sack. So instead, I'll stay up and play around on the computer and build up my strength with butter cookies.

We're back from Texas, by the way. The trip home wasn't bad at all.

On the drive, I listened to an Oak Ridge Boys tape for at least 10 hours. It looped all the way through the upper part of Texas, lower Missouri and the entire state of Arkansas.

The Boys were in a closet at Mom's where they'd been sequestered since 1984, just waiting to be rescued.

Aren't you glad you weren't with me? You'd still be whistling "Elvira." And you'd finally know all the words to "Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight."

Here are a couple of shots from the trip. By the way, Carie, I swear I'll get those Disney World pictures up one of these days.

This is outside of my old elementary school. Logan's eye is swollen, as you can probably tell. A mosquito bit him. At least that's what I'll tell CPS.

Logan and Mom inside the planet's best burger joint.


~Chris~ said...

I bet finding those old Tapes was just awesome.. I still have some old ones I found when we moved but mine are NKOTB ;) Gosh Logan has gotten sooo big.. and handsome.. Can't wait to see the Disney Pics.
Glad you made it home Safe!!!

Carie said...

Gosh Darn it Lisa, I can't get that stupid song outta my head!
Gettie up, a boom, bampa umm bampa, mira. My hearts on fire.....
You shall pay for this!