Tuesday, August 12, 2008

looking ahead to halloween

I'm making Logan's costume this year, and I'm determined to do a better job than I did two years ago when our family dressed up as a pack of hippies. I still feel guilty about putting that big afro on the kid.

He's going as Mickey Mouse this year that is, if I don't screw up the costume...if that happens, I'm getting out the afro again, and here's what we have so far.

The shirt came from Walmart and I made the pants. Now, I have to figure out what to do about the ears and puffy white gloves.


Carie said...

Love the costume! You can probably get some black mouse ears and tail closer to Halloween pretty cheap at Wal-Mart. And either some white streatchy knit gloves or girls dress-up gloves. He will be sooooo cute!
Hey, I haven't posted 'cause my computer is down. I hope to have it fixed tonight. It hasn't been working properly for weeks.

~Chris~ said...

Hey don't feel bad.. It's a Costume amd Halloween is for dressing up.. I remember last Year Billy wanted Alex to be a PIMP.. My old Neighbor in Louisiana tought him how to pull on the Shirt and yell out *I'm a Pimp* or he will slap you on the Butt and say *Give me my Money* so they saw this Hat, $$ Chains around his Neck and Pimp Stick at Walli World and took a Pic.. I fought hard to have him put that stuff back. I will have to send it to you sometime if I still have it on the Puter..
Your little Man will look sooo cute this Year...
Not sure what Alex will be yet.. He actually wants to go to a Halloween Store but doubt he will go in once they have 1 open... Madison will be a Ladybug since Daddy aint home to keep her so she will have to go with us.. Hope you find the Ears and Tail.. Did you check the Disney online Store?