Tuesday, January 6, 2009

we have the friendliest accommodations in town

The most spacious, too.

So friends and family, if you ever want to visit us here in this fair suburban city, don't for a second entertain the notion of staying in a hotel.

There's no reason you can't bunk with us, and it doesn't necessarily mean you'll spend a miserable night on a rump-sprung sofa covered in cat fur.

Here at the Rogers Manor, we have two full-sized guest rooms. One is decorated in the style of a 4-year-old boy. But I guess we goofed somewhere, because no 4-year-old boy has ever expressed a desire to sleep there.

The second caters to the needs and comforts of distinguished canines. A futon sofa can comfortably sleep two large hounds.

But again, we must not have gotten something right because the only time any dogs seem to be in there is when they're in time out.

Meanwhile, our own sleeping quarters look something like the photo below.

Logan's not in there to tell us goodnight before retreating to his own room. Instead, he's about to climb in.

Once everyone's in position, I'll stake out a few inches for myself.

Thanks to the Ambien I guzzle about a half-hour before hitting what little amount of sack remains, I still manage to sleep like a baby.

But when I do wake up, it's sometimes with a start when I discover a paw, tail, child's toy or human limb draped across my face.

Nighty night.


giggleblue said...

i don't know what it is about the pets and them loving to sleep in the bed with you!! i agree, you do have quite the family bed going.

we decided to give up the ghost - our next bed will be king sized, which is a little too big. but then the queen is a little too small. i'm thinking they need something in between the two sizes...

Carie said...

We have a bad habit going at my house also. The girls go to bed in their room but by morning 1,2 or 3 are in my bed. This isn't too bad since Chino rarely sleeps with me and I have a king size bed. Now Juan has stopped sleeping in his bed. He likes to sleep on the couch or under his sisters bed. I woke up this morning with him in my bed. Apparently it is the most comfortable in the house!

Wendy aka CalvaryGirl said...

AWWW! Your cat is so sweet!! What kind is it? We had along haired ragdoll that looked very similar. Our new (as of Feb) cats won't sleep with us, I wonder if it's because they haven't been here since they were kittens?

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Rachel said...

I have 4 huge cats taking up my queen sized bed every night. You'd think it would be incredibly annoying to have a cat wrapped around you head, one on your back, and 2 on your legs, but strangely enough, if one is 'missing' I actually get up and go looking for him/her.

Thank God Mr. Farty refuses to sleep in my bed, or I'd have to go up a size.

~Chris~ said...

Girl you sure have quite the arangement.. I can't say I feel your Pain anymore as I share my King size Bed for the most part with a Book (till next week that is). Glad the Ambien is helping you sleep like a Baby though!