Sunday, November 16, 2008

phoenix phamily phun

Last week, we were treated to a last-minute visit from Cousin Robert.

Robert works for an airline and is often able to zip into town from his home in Phoenix. When he does, we always find something new and unusual to do.

During this visit, we went to the St. Louis City Museum and ate at the elegant Hillbilly Heaven here in the metropolis of Wright City. The fragrance of cigarette smoke from that fine establishment still lingers in the fibers of my jacket.

But the highlight of the trip was the afternoon we spent in North St. Louis taking pictures. Robert and I share a love of photography and every time we get together, the cameras come out.

Our favorite subjects are old, dilapidated buildings and there was no shortage of them that afternoon. Here are a couple of the 500 or so pictures I took.


Carie said...

Sounds like a great visit. I love taking pictures also. I am pretty good at it and so is Brydie. Could our family be in the wrong business?

Lisa said...

Either that, or we could become the Donaghue Deal Finders. I think we'd do well at that, too...pinching those pennies 'til they scream.

Carie said...

That is very true. Why did we marry husbands that twice what we save?