Thursday, June 19, 2008

Post-Father's Day Tribute to Dad

This was Dad's Father's Day gift last year. It's a pencil drawing from a 1977 photo.
That big watermark across the bottom wasn't on the final product, thank goodness.

I'm way behind on getting in some posts. That Disney World trip (photos are on the way) really wiped us out, but I'm slowly tunneling my way back from fantasy land to my ordinary routine.
Anyway, I saw this idea somewhere, liked it, so decided to "borrow" it. In honor of Father's Day, it's a list of some of the things I got from my dad.
  • Hazel eyes
  • Allergies
  • A sense of humor laced with sarcasm
  • A suspicious nature, especially when dealing with salespeople
  • Flat feet
  • Really good handwriting...but he still has me beat.
  • The ability to hunt down a good deal
  • An appreciation for things that are done right
  • A name I could pass on to my son
  • My delight when devouring a thick, rare steak (preferably one he's made)
  • A preference for quiet over noise
  • An ability to get lost in a project and work at it to the best of my ability
  • A desire not to procrastinate.

Thanks, Dad. I could've done without your toenails, though! Love, Lisa

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