Wednesday, October 29, 2008

rodents on parade

On Sunday, we participated in Warrenton's Pet and People Parade. It was a great time and we won a whopping second place prize of $15 for our costumes.

Just think...if I could find about seven more contests for us to enter and win, I could recoup what the materials cost for these outfits.

Logan was excited to dress up and insisted on being addressed only as Mickey while he was in costume.

But when we got in the van to head over to the parade, he realized there was a drawback to dressing as his favorite rodent.

"I CAN'T SUCK MY THUMB!" he yelled, holding out his puffy white glove-encased hands.

Hmm. Maybe I can find a use for these gloves once Halloween's over.


Carie said...

What a great added benefit. Can you duct tape the gloves to his hands? He would not be able to suck them and he may pick up new skills with his feet. Think about it.

The Houser's said...

Ahhh you guys are the cutest mice I've ever seen! And bonus you don't leave droppings everywhere you walk (that we know of) lol..