Sunday, October 19, 2008

circus freaks

Logan and I went to a local circus last week. It was pretty darned cool and beat the pants off the high-budget larger shows I've seen.

The morning of the show, we drove out to watch the set-up. This included seeing the elephants get pedicures.

See the guy in the above photo? A few minutes later, he was wielding a shovel as he took care of a task even more unpleasant than filing a pachyderm's toenails.

This gal could certainly climb a pole, and judging from the cut of her outfit (I opted not to post a frontal view), she's probably had a chance to practice her pole antics in venues other than just the circus.

We paid an extra two bucks to sit right alongside the ring and I was a tad nervous when the elephants performed a series of ballerina twirls a few feet from where we sat.

Logan wasn't as impressed with the circus. However, he was captivated by the vendors and their flashing toys and tasty treats. His mom quickly fell out of favor for refusing to buy him any.

Here he is with the ringmaster, still holding a grudge. I didn't score any points by telling him that the graphic on his t-shirt meant he was marked for consumption by the tigers.


Carie said...

Isn't mootherhood rewarding!

The Houser's said...

stupid vendors:) They just ruin everything don't they?? lol

Carie said...

For Halloween, Juan will be Scooby-Doo. That way I can put a leash on him and nobody will think anything of it!

Thanks for the tip on the dress. I think I have some fabric glue at home that I can try.