Wednesday, July 16, 2008

model's wages

My dear friend Shannon just had a baby boy. I'm making her some bibs as part of her baby gift.

After I finished the first one, I needed a male model. Unfortunately, the only one I could find demanded candy as his payment.

"I not a baby," he said once I got the bib on him.

Doesn't he look thrilled? And he wasn't too impressed with the candy, either. It was left over from Halloween and probably a little stale.


Tiffany said...

When you start your online "thrifty boutique" we definately have to work on your models poses and smiles;) How did you end up with all the crafty talent? That skirt - I love it! Can you make one for a thick in the hips girl, oh wait i'm a thick in every body part kind of girl.. I should contact Omar the tent maker!!! Have fun in TX..

Carie said...

Great crafts Lisa!
I love my eye glass case. Brydie did also. She wants to know when she gets hers!