Friday, February 22, 2008

Birthday Bustle

This sled belonged to my Bee-paw when he was a little boy.

I can always find things to do when I'm cooped up inside.

Here in Missouri, we're treated to a frequent weather phenomenon known as the "wintery mix." This is the second day in a row that school has been closed because of the ice, so Logan and I are house-bound. That means we have to look for creative ways to entertain ourselves. For Logan, that sometimes means trying to score a trip to the emergency room by sticking foreign objects in his ears(see photo).

We spent yesterday making favors for his birthday party. I thought it would be nifty to put some of his favorite songs on a CD for party guests, then decorate the case with pictures. That turned into an all-day project.

Logan is about to turn 4 and thinks flatulence is the funniest occurrence there is, followed closely by burps. So when he heard a line from one of the songs we'd chosen, "The horn on the bus goes toot, toot, toot," he insisted on a dozen replays so he could sing along and laugh. The CD was a hit with him; I think the other kids will like it, too.

Todd and I were talking the other day about the difference between kids' parties now compared with when we were young. In the 70s, the neighborhood kids and some cousins came over, you ate cake, opened presents, then played for awhile.

With today's parties, the planning starts months in advance. First, you choose a venue; will it be a party at home or will you fork out some dough to have it elsewhere? What will the theme be? Safari? Outer-space? And how will you incorporate the party favors into said theme? It's right up my type-A alley.

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Tiffany said...

Love it... Happy Birthday Big Boy, Enjoy the Gym tommorrow!!