Monday, April 28, 2008

We're home

My cousin, Robert, Logan and I got home yesterday from Michigan at about 6 p.m. We were worn out after our quick trip, but Robert and I agreed that it was well worth it. We had a wonderful visit with family there.

Logan was incredibly good the entire time. He loved staying in a hotel, dubbing it the "little house." Francis, our 9o-year-old aunt, said he was the best-behaved kid she'd ever been around.

We took a lot of pictures. The ones below are some of my favorites.

Here's a race car at our cousin Barb's house. Barb and her husband, Vic, have several race cars along with a huge truck that can haul six of them at one time.

This is the truck and trailer. It's massive, as you can see.

(Clockwise from left) Bob, Francis and Robert play a card game while Logan watches. Bob is Francis' son.

After a long afternoon, Logan takes a nap on Barb's couch.

Barb (Francis' daughter) and Francis

Bob and Francis

Logan and me in the "little house"

And just in case you didn't get enough of this guy last time, here he is again. Doesn't it look like he's smiling? No, he didn't go on the trip with us.


Joy said...

Sorry we missed each other on the ride over to the bird store. I learned they have a web site.
Also, I found out the size of cage you would need is about $209.

~Chris~ said...

Sounds like you had a great Time.. OMG has anyone ever told Bob that he looks like the Actor from *Lost Boys*..